To Be Seen

To be seen is to be recorded. It is to exist in a realm other than your own mind. When viewed by an observer, a new subjective impression of the being you think of as yourself is formed in the mind of the observer and is thought of as different from what the observer thinks of as itself. You become another. A new subjective you comes into existence. This other you is not the you that you know. It is an entirely different creature, formed out of the incomplete information about you that the observer has. While you may think of yourself as bright and cheerful, the observer may read you as being sullen and unhappy. This sullen, unhappy version of you comes into real existence within the subjective reality of the observer. It is related to you as you know yourself only indirectly and incompletely. There are many of you in the world, but you can only ever know one of them.

Carpentron: Eye