The Sound of Music... and other stuff

Carpentron began as a band. That band consisted of one person: Chris Torgersen. Carpentron still consists of one person, and it's still the same person, but Carpentron is no longer a band. What is it? It's more like just a straight-up pseudonym, to be honest. It's a little less difficult to remember than the inexplicably-(to me)-difficult-to-spell-or-pronounce "Chris Torgersen".

There is something about using a pseudonym that makes it not me, though. It is liberating. It is like taking on another persona. Maybe it's just an idealized version of myself, the me that I wish I was. Or maybe it's the me that I really am, but that I usually cover with other things that make it hard to see.

The pseudonym is obviously not a way of hiding my identity. If it were, I'd be doing a miserable job of it right now.

The main reason that Carpentron is no longer a band is that I very rarely have the opportunity to work on music these days. Most of my equipment is packed away. I'm concentrating on other areas of my life, like my kids and my job, and that has been very fulfilling for me. But I still want an outlet, and this site is meant to be it, or to be a portal to it anyway.

This section contains links to albums and songs and other works I've done over the years. It's not everything, but it's a good sampling. I invite you, whoever you are, to explore my work using the links to the right. All the music is free to listen to. I ask that you contact me if you wish to use it in any way. I will likely say "sure, go right ahead" if it's a non-commercial project, and if it's commercial, I'll probably say, "sure, as long as I get some small share of the profit."


Other Works